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January 22, 2008


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Martin Wisse

Excellent review, capturing what I personally liked about Iron Fist very well, but one minor quibble:

>>And a broader question might be: is the pile-up the direction that comics should take? Do Silver Age aesthetics have a place in a world where Fun Home is chosen as Time's book of the year? Isn't that Lee/Kirby horse dead already? Maybe individual readers need to answer those questions for themselves.<<

These are the wrong questions to ask. Is it fun, is it interesting, is it worth the money I spent on it, those are the questions you should ask. Comics should be big enough to contain both Immortal Iron Fist and Fun Home, as well as thousands of other titles.

Craig Fischer

Thanks for the comment, Martin. And you're right; it's not an either-or proposition. I'm sure there are plenty of readers (me, for one, and Charles for another) who can appreciate both FUN HOME and IRON FIST.

What I was trying to say there, though, poorly phrased, was that I do feel that FUN HOME, in its unity of vision and literary ambition, points more to the future of comics, while IR, in its refinement of Lee/Kirby aesthetics, points more towards the past.

Folks, go to Martin's "webspace" (he refuses to call it a blog!) at http://www.cloggie.org/wissewords and check out his opinions on comics, SF and politics.

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