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February 19, 2008


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Matthew J. Brady

I'm loving the stuff you guys are doing here, so keep it up! I wanted to point out, I noticed something cool in that final image you posted, and I did a post about it on my blog, so take a look, if you feel like it. Thanks!

Edit: apparently I can't post a link to the post, but it's currently the first post at the top of my blog, which should be reachable by clicking my name on this comment. It should show up under February 27, 2008, if anybody is reading this after that date.


Matt, thanks for posting such kind words!

Regarding your own blog entry, on Kirby's layouts, an excellent post, nicely analyzed. I believe we CAN post a link to your post here:


Hope that works! Kirbyheads should go read Matt's post NOW. It's another example of Kirby's unassuming, intuitive knack for straight-ahead comics storytelling.

Kenn Thomas

The latest issue of TJKC takes a look at how the original Galactus arc actually suffered the same treatment FF108 recieved. I hope the authors of these artciles find time at some point to go over that as well.

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