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April 15, 2009


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Randy Kuipers

I LOVED this series. I loved it for the same reason that I enjoyed most of the last She-Hulk run - it didn't take itself too seriously while at the same time remaining firmly within the Marvel Universe (Promethea was a hell of a good read as well, and one which sent me to my reference books from time to time...).

I found the art to be crisp and clean and easy to absorb without being over-simplified. In fact, it felt like it had some very slightly manga-esque elements too it in it's design, without all the anatomical distortion and missing backgrounds that I find so irritating in most manga.

I too recommend reading this one when the trade comes out.

Mike Rhode

Yeah, I liked this one too, although I got somewhat confused with the plot... probably because I was looking for too much of one.

Matthew J. Brady

Kathryn Immonen has also signed on as the new writer of Runaways, along with an artist named Sara Pichelli, with whom I'm not familiar, but seems to have a similar style to Lafuente. That sounds like it might be another Marvel comic worth reading.


Damn, Craig, you ARE going to make me buy this book!

After chatting with you about it a couple of months (?) back, I found issue #1 in the dollar bin at my local comic shop, and decided to give it a shot. It was one of a handful of one-buck supercomics that I bought that day, and the only one that was fun. I wasn't ENTIRELY convinced -- the storytelling seemed rather antic, and there were moments when I got lost -- but it was charming to see a (as you say) fizzy, manga-influenced comic, what I'd call a "girl's comic" to boot, coming out of Marvel.

Speaking of Marvel, last week I bought my first IRON FIST (remember?) in a while, #24, an issue nicely drawn by Kano. (I admit I haven't given the series a chance since the departure of the Fraction/Brubaker team.) It's not an entirely convincing story either, but it's self-contained, and it's nice to see the series continuing with the occasional one-off story about Iron Fists past. It's written by Duane Swierczynski, about whom I know nothing.

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