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June 22, 2009


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Sounds like good times a-plenty in Charlotte--I'm bummed I missed it!

John Read

For me, this year's Heroes Con was a disappointment (though it was through no fault of the folks who put on the show). I was only able to attend on Sunday, and the thing I learned was that I'll never go all that way to Charlotte again for a Sunday-only visit. Besides never seeing you, Craig, and getting to at least say "hello," there were a number of people I missed; this was due to so many guests and attendees not making a Sunday appearance. I noticed, too, as the day went on, that many of the writers and artists were abandoning their tables early. And Jeff Smith, someone I wanted desperately to speak to, had a one-time 3 o'clock appearance/signing only, and when I went to join the waiting line at 3:30, I was told I missed the cut-off. Added to my frustration of not seeing people I drove a long way to see was being told, when I first walked into the convention, that they had sold out of the cool Mark Bagley Batman convention t-shirts in my size. Aw, well...lesson learned.

Jim O.

Good to see you at Heroes, Craig, and thanks for the nice mention.

To clarify -- it's not that the publisher wouldn't pay, since that implies that I begged and pleaded and they said "Nope. We don't want to do it." It was more that they considered it and then decided they couldn't make it work financially/logistically. I wish it were otherwise, but it gives me an opportunity to add something more to a book than just my signature, so maybe it's for the best!

Again, thanks!

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