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January 10, 2010


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Charles Hatfield

Cynic: Another of Moore's efforts to convince himself, and us, that he is not a creature of the mass media, and not dependent on its promiscuous circulation of images and spectacle for his audience and for the artistic freedoms he now enjoys?

Admirer: Gee, an underground paper from Moore and Co., and with some nifty cartooning by Moore himself? Cool.

Seriously, I'm enough of an admirer to want "Dodgem Logic" to succeed, and enough of a cynic to think that what little life it will have will be based purely on Moore's notoriety.

I'm not sure I'd call Moore a writer of fanfic or a retconner primarily. If that's a fair cop, then it's equally fair of, say, John Barth or somebody like that. I disagreed, BTW, with the thrust of Tom Crippen's admittedly well-written but snarkily fault-finding essay about Moore in TCJ #300. It's easy enough to say that Moore is simply a mixmaster running changes on old ideas, but I think that's a canard, an idea thrown around to take Moore down a peg.

BTW, Annalisa Di Liddo's book on Moore is quite good.

(Love the title of this post, Craig! And the fact that you tackled DL at all, most unexpected!)

Steven Kapica

"Maybe the revolution will be slow-cooked as well as Tweeted." Great line!

Travis McGee

What I found curious was Moore's suggestion that somehow 'Dodgem Logic' was somehow revitalizing a lost world of underground print - as far as I see it, most of the content in the magazine was no different than the many thousands of zines one can order off the internet these days - hardly a neglected field. Given Moore's recent, rather ill-informed, criticism of the state of the comics medium, I wonder whether Moore is just completely disconnected from contemporary culture...

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