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March 22, 2010


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Sean Phillips

I'd recommend the book The Prince Valiant Page by Gary Gianni, detailing his process since taking over drawing the strip. It includes sketches, pencils, reference photos and finished pages from his version of Prince Valiant. Published in 2008 by Flesk.

Ben Towle

Here's a strange coincidence, Craig: Just yesterday I did a post about the MY BOOKHOUSE series, which I'd never even heard of until I received a complete 1920-22 set in the mail from a relative this weekend. Crazy...

Craig Fischer

Sean, I saw THE PRICE VALIANT PAGE mentioned on Gianni's website when I was setting the links for my post. A good book, eh? The samples of Gianni's art in DPV are impressive, especially the ones reprinted in color.

Ben, that conicidence is just downright weird. Sorry I hadn't read your post before I did my own commentary on MY BOOKHOUSE; we could've planned a tag-team blog-a-thon about Olive Miller and old-timey illustration!

Everyone, go read Ben's BOOKHOUSE post (and other good writing!) at www.benzilla.com [.]

Charles Hatfield

Great post, Craig, and, once again, a bounty of links and lateral connections. You had me skipping around all over the place, to pick up, e.g., Nadel's commentary, Jeet Heer's, etc.

The upshot is that I'm fired up to read, actually sit down and read, at length, in a way I frankly haven't before, a big chunk of PV. I've always known the strip from samples and from secondary sources, which is liking "knowing about" something but not really "knowing" it. It's been some years since I've given Foster a careful panel-to-panel reading, and I'd like to start doing that again, and more carefully, which I think I'll do once Vol. 2 of the new Fanta PV is out.

Of course, in typical Craig fashion, a lot of your post has to do with things besides Foster, and, yes, I did follow all those Olive Beaupre Miller links! Fascinating stuff. I've seen MY BOOKHOUSE, or volumes from it, before, and I think I've discussed it with one or two people who had fond childhood memories of it, but oh to have those books in hand now. Great illustration and great printing.

I stared for a bit at that final Charleston illo of the galloping horse...yow. Nice scan.

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