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May 14, 2010


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Thank you, Charles; I love this post; it brings back happy memories of this amazing event.

Here are my caption comments...

> Who's the artist behind Gary at the lectern?
Eduardo Paolozzi ("Z.E.E.P.: Hollywood Wax Museum," silkscreen, 1970).

> Why am I scandalized about Gary's Blue Babes in Bras painting?
It's the round, spitting green guy and that curly, severed green tentacle. >shudder<

~ m

Brian Tucker

Hey, Charles, it's very nice to see this addition to your excellent web site--it was great having you at the event. The image behind the lecturing Gary Panter in your photo above is a screen print by the British artist Eduardo Paolozzi ("Hollywood Wax Museum," 1970). In case anybody wants to see more images of Gary's residency at PCC, including the finished mural, a few are available on the "Pasadena City College Art Gallery" Facebook page (Michael Dooley posted a group of photos at the reception, too, featuring many of the illustrious folks who were present, including Charles Hatfield). By the way, GP is going to be in the region again for a show at the Scion gallery in Culver City in June.

Gene Kannenberg, Jr.

"[U]nfiltered, unpretentious, enthusiastic and humane" is just how I'd describe Panter after meeting him at MoCCA. I'd also add knowledgeable, wide-ranging, and hilarious. Plus, he looks like he could be David Letterman's brother :-)

After meeting him I re-read the JIMBO book from the 80s and I was just blown away in a way I hadn't been on my first reading. Now to re-read JIMBO IN PURGATORY!

Charles Hatfield

@ Mike:

Hey, thanks for weighing in, and for setting me straight re: the identity of the mystery artist, Eduardo Paolozzi!

My notes must have been confused; for some reason I associated that image with Gary's discussion of Japanese Pop artists, and of course it turns out to be an Italian Scotsman instead. :)

For our readers, the Tate has an excellent collection of Paolozzi:


And London's Independent Gallery also shows some nice Paolozzi images, with emphasis on his "Bunk" compilation of collages/screenprints:


Also useful is this website about the Independent Group, of which Paolozzi was part:


Wow, I love learning stuff! :)

Thanks for the Z.E.E.P. link, Mike!

Everyone should take a look at Michael's own Panter reception photo gallery on Facebook, which is much fuller and more useful than my own:


Great mementos, Mike, thanks!

(Look closely at picture number 8, the long shot of the lecture hall, and you'll see yours truly sitting directly across from Panter's podium, thanks to Brian Tucker generously giving me that seat!)

Charles Hatfield

@ Brian:

Thanks for the kind words, Brian, and for the tips!

Readers, the Facebook "Pasadena City College Art Gallery" is well worth visiting. It includes several excellent shots from Panter's residency, including in-progress and FINISHED views of the wall drawing (wow):


It also includes images from several other fine shows curated by Brian at the PCC gallery, including "Love and Rockets: The Comic Art of Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez," which ran back 2005. Check it out!

PS. As far as I can tell, the Scion Space site doesn't yet have news up about the pending Panter show, but I've bookmarked it and will keep checking back:


Charles Hatfield

@ Gene:

I remember that I was skeptical, or just plain obtuse, re: Panter's work for a long time. Then, while working on "Alternative Comics," it hit me:

"Panter's style is the anti-clear line!"

Something just clicked, right then. :)

There's a lot of his work that I still need to read and delve into!

(BTW, I chatted with Panter re: my forthcoming Kirby book. Nice.)

Brian Tucker

Charles and local readers: here's the skinny on Gary Panter's next foray into our region, lifted from a June 8 entry on GP's blog (at garypanter.com):

In a week I am going to Los Angeles to do a big wall drawing as part of a three person show at the Scion Space in Culver City and, while in LA, the band I am in, Devin Gary & Ross, is going to play on Melrose. We are excited about the art show and the musical event. Hope to see you there.

The painting show is here:
Scion presents: ZPFfffft!!!
A group exhibition with Bob Zoell, Gary Panter and Devin Flynn
June 19 – July 10, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 19, 2010 | 7-10pm

Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave (at National)
Culver City, CA. 90232
Gallery Phone: 310.815.8840
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 6 PM & by appointment

Devin Gary & Ross musical show is here:
under June 22nd on the Synchronicity site calendar.

Charles Hatfield

Thanks, Brian! Good to have this info, and to be given another reason to revisit GP's site!

Bookmark it, folks, or subscribe. Goodness awaits.

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